PSU Exam Classes In Pune Mumbai India


A PSU or Public Sector Undertaking is a government-owned corporation in the public sector in India, where management control of the company rests with the Government; it can be Central Government or the State Governments

A lot of PSUs under the aegis of Government of India regularly provide for employment opportunities in various areas to both technical and non-technical personnel in various areas. Job seekers can apply to these undertakings according to their required job profile and area of interest

There are more than 250 Central government PSUs in India. All of these entities go through their own recruitment process. All of these firms advertise regarding the openings in the leading and thriving dailies, where most of these organizations hold all-India based entrance examinations. PSUs recruit on requirement basis rather than on an annual basis.

Why PSU’s:

Why the generation ‘Y’ graduates are moving fast towards this growing sector.

  • After 6th pay commission, salary is comparable to private sector at the B.Tech entry level
  • Many Central PSUs particularly the Maharatnas, are already global players matching the best global firms in their field of operations
  • Secure future
  • Additional allowances and remunerations
  • Least affected by the recession period
  • Flexibility in work
  • Opportunities for engineering graduates of any discipline/branch